Chloé Brière


Chloé Brière holds a PhD in law delivered jointly by the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Geneva in September 2016. She holds an LL.M. in European law (College of Europe, Bruges, 2009-2010, grade “very good”) and a Master 2 in « European economic law » (Sciences Po Paris, University of Strasbourg, grade “assez bien”). After working for two years as an academic assistant in the legal department of the College of Europe, she joined the Institute for European Studies as a PhD researcher in July 2012. She has been a member of the GEM PhD School, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate “Globalisation, the EU & Multilateralism” since September 2013.

After holding positions at the Dublin City University and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, she is since October 2018 “Chargée de recherches F.R.S. – F.N.R.S / Post-doctoral researcher” at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She is also since October 2019 professor in EU law. In this framework, she conducts an extended research on the external relations of the EU, addressing notably its external cooperation in criminal matters.

Research activities

Her doctoral research focused on the European legal framework in relation to the fight against Trafficking in Human Beings and its externalisation outside the European Union’s borders. Her research was supervised jointly by Professor A. Weyembergh (IEE-ULB) and Professor R. Roth (University of Geneva).

Her research interests include other aspects of European Union Law, such as EU Criminal Law, EU external relations law, EU migration law and the free movement of persons.

An overview of her publications is available here.

Teaching activities

Since 2012, Chloé participates to the Introductory classes for Lawyers organised by the College of Europe (Bruges), where she teaches basic introduction to free movement of persons and European citizenship. In 2017, she was appointed visiting professor in charge of the class “International and European Criminal Law” at the Institute for European Studies, Vrij Universiteit Brussels. At the Université Libre de Bruxelles, she is in charge of the class “EU Law” and teaches in collaboration with Sarah Ganty the class “European Integration through Law”.

Chloé Brière
Institut d’études européennes (bureau 306)
Avenue F.D Roosevelt 39, 1050 Bruxelles