Series of conferences

“Apéros du droit européen”

The Centre for European Law has been organising a series of conferences entitled ‘Les apéros du droit européen’ since 2009. These events aim to foster dialogue and discussions on topical issues of EU law, relating to the research topics addressed in the Centre. They involve external speakers, from academia, European institutions and civil society, and they are open to any interested participant.

As reflected in our annual reports, the topics addressed are diverse and reflect some of the most pressing issues of EU law, such as the criminalisation of solidarity, the case law of the CJEU on bulk data collection, the Digital Market Act, or the transatlantic cooperation between the EU and Canada.

The event is usually taking the form of an early evening conference, usually held between 6 pm and 8 pm allowing speakers to present their views. Following these presentations, the conference is devoted to a debate with the audience facilitated by a moderator. Registration is always free but mandatory.

To find out more about the upcoming Apéros, you can consult the following page: Events, and follow the Centre on social media.



European Competition Law Tuesdays

For over 50 years the Centre for European Law has been organising seminars, known as the “Mardis du droit européen de la concurrence”, looking into the different aspects of EU competition law. They have been referred to as one of the most influential forums “in sharing our understanding and shaping our thinking in the field of competition” by the European Vice-President M. Vestager.

Originally organised by Professor Michel Waelbroeck, they are now organised by Professors Jean-François Bellis et Denis Waelbroeck. They constitute a forum for discussion and feature renowned academics, practitioners from the European institutions, and the European Commission in particular, and practitioners from law firms specialising in this area of law.

This year’s seminars will be dedicated once again to the study of different important developments in the jurisprudence of European courts and the practice and policy of the Commission.

The seminars are intended to those interested in the recent developments of EU competition law. When possible, reference texts will be sent to registered participants more or less 10 days before each session. This programme is part of the permanent training of the Brussels Bar and entitles participants to one point per hour of training.

Registration is mandatory and subjected to the following fees: 400 euros (for the full set) or 60 euros (per session) for professionals & 50 euros (for the full set) or 10 euros (per session) for students.