European Competition Law Tuesdays

For over 50 years the Centre for European Law has been organising seminars, known as the “Mardis du droit européen de la concurrence”, looking into the different aspects of EU competition law. They have been referred to as one of the most influential forums “in sharing our understanding and shaping our thinking in the field of competition” by former European Vice-President M. Vestager at the occasion of the opening of its 2022-23 edition.

Originally organised by Professor Michel Waelbroeck, they are now organised by Professors Jean-François Bellis et Denis Waelbroeck. They constitute a forum for discussion and feature renowned academics, practitioners from the European institutions, and the European Commission in particular, and practitioners from law firms specialising in this area of law.

This year’s seminars will be dedicated once again to the study of different important developments in the jurisprudence of European courts and the practice and policy of the Commission. You will find below the list of speakers

  • 24 October 2023 – Opening speech by Savvas Papasavvas, Vice-President of the General Court of the European Union.
  • 21 November 2023 – Competition policy in the tech sector – challenges ahead with Carlota Reyners Fontana, Director for Information, Technology, Communication and Media, DG COMP
  • 5 December 2023 – Recent developments on abuse of dominance with Massimilliano Kadar, Deputy Head of Unit, DG COMP
  • 16 January 2024 – Recent developments in EU merger control with Guillaume Loriot, Deputy Director General, DG COMP
  • 20 February 2024 – La jurisprudence récente en matière de cartels with Fernando Castillo della Torre, Conseiller juridique principal, Service juridique, Commission européenne* (*in French without translation)
  • 12 March 2024 – EU competition law and sports with Pablo Ibañez Colomo, Professor of Competition Law at the London School of Economics
  • 16 April 2024 – Recent developments in state aid policy with Ben Smulders, Deputy Director General, State Aid, DG COMP
  • 21 May 2024 – Closing speech by Olivier Guersent, Director-General, DG COMP
The seminars are intended to those interested in the recent developments of EU competition law. When possible, reference texts will be sent to registered participants more or less 10 days before each session. This programme is part of the permanent training of the Brussels Bar and entitles participants to one point per hour of training.

Registration is mandatory and subjected to the following fees:

  • 400 euros (for the full set) or 60 euros (per session) for professionals;
  • 50 euros (for the full set) or 10 euros (per session) for students affiliated to other universities;
  • Free for ULB students. 

Registration is free but mandatory for the Opening Speech via this LINK and registration for the other sessions is available for all of them (with a reduced price – LINK) or per session (LINK).

The flyer detailing the programme for the upcoming months is already available here : Flyer Competition Law Tuesdays 2023-2024

Participants may also register by sending this form (Mardis du Droit_Registration Form_2023) to or Mrs Vanden Broeck (