The research carried out at the Center for European Law aims to address the developments and challenges of European construction through its research, by providing a critical and contextual analysis based on the expertise and diversity of profiles of its researchers. The research activities of its members can be grouped around four major areas of research :
  • The EU as a constitutional system based on common values and respect for fundamental rights
  • The EU as an area of freedom, security and justice
  • The EU as a space for economic and social regulation
  • The EU as an actor on the international scene

These research areas are reflected in the topics tackled by PhD researchers, the academic networks co-coordinated by professors and the projects carried out.

Thanks to its location in Brussels, the Centre has also been able to develop and ensure a connection with the practice of European law. This is reflected in its members as well as in the events it organises, which are opened to the university community, practitioners and civil society.