Equality Law Clinic

Created in 2014, as part of the Interuniversity Attraction Pole, “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective“, the Equality Law Clinic of the Université Libre de Bruxelles has a dual pedagogical and social vocation:

  • to provide a unique academic educational experience for Master’s students in Law;
  • to contribute concretely to the promotion of equality and justice.

Through a transdisciplinary approach that anchors legal issues in their socio-economic context, the Equality Law Clinic offers Law students a unique opportunity to learn and train by working on real-world cases, in collaboration with lawyers, NGOs, national or international institutions and under the supervision of a specialized academic team.

The Equality Law Clinic allows students, driven by a desire for commitment, to contribute concretely to the promotion of fundamental rights, equality and social justice, by working for the benefit of disadvantaged or excluded groups, according to an approach combining local and global.

Further information on the Equality Law Clinic website.