Equality Law Clinic

The Equality Law Clinic (ELC), founded by Professors Emmanuelle BRIBOSIA and Isabelle RORIVE, allows students to deepen their legal skills while contributing concretely to the promotion of social justice, equality and fundamental rights, by working for the benefit of disadvantaged or excluded groups, according to an approach combining local and global considerations.


Attached to the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy and the Centre for European Law of the ULB Faculty of Law and Criminology, the Equality Law Clinic was established in October 2014 as part of the ‘Pôle d’attraction universitaire’: The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective, which aimed to analyse human rights from an integrated perspective. The ELC is part of an emerging movement of other legal clinics in Belgium and Europe. It is part of the network of French-speaking legal clinics, which allows for very rich experiences. The clinic is also associated with the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law.


The ELC’s action research is conducted on several topics:


trans-identity and intersex,


migrants’ rights,

housing and poverty,

tools for a better effectiveness of non-discrimination law (testing protocols, public procurement, etc.).


For more information, visit the Equality Law Clinic website.