Elodie Sellier

Description: Elodie holds a Master in European Studies (Université d’Aix-Marseille, 2014), a Master in European Public Affairs (Maastricht University, 2015) and an LL.M. in European Law (Université libre de Bruxelles, 2017). Over the past three years, she gained professional experience Lire plus

Julia Burchett

Julia Burchett holds a Master’s degree in International and European Legal Careers from the University of Grenoble-Alpes (2015, 1st Class Honours). During her last year of Master, she represented her university at the René Cassin European Moot Court Competition as Lire plus

Céline C. Cocq

Céline C. Cocq obtained a Law degree (2005), a Master’s degree in International Humanitarian Law (2010), two University Diplomas in Criminology and Criminal Studies (2005 and 2011) and an L.L.M. in Public International Law (2012). She is currently a PhD candidate Lire plus

Cecilia Rizcallah

Cecilia Rizcallah holds a master degree in public law from the ULB (2015, Magna Cum Laude) and an LL.M from the College of Europe (2016, Very Good). In 2015 she obtained the Larcier Prize rewarding the Major de Promotion of the Lire plus

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo holds a Masters in law obtained from the ULB with a major distinction (2011). During his academic studies, he was awarded two prestigious prizes: the Paul Foriers Prize and the René Marcq Prize. The first rewards students for Lire plus

Francisco Javier Mena Parras

Francisco Mena holds a Master’s degree in Law (Universitat de Barcelona, 2009) and a “Master complémentaire en droit européen” (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2010, “Grande distinction”, “Major de promotion“). During his studies, he completed an internship at the United Nations Lire plus

Nicolas Joncheray

Nicolas has an LL.M. in European law (College of Europe with a “très bien” reference), a Master’s in European studies (organised jointly by the Humboldt University, the Free Univesity and the Technical University under the auspices of the German Ministry Lire plus

Sarah Ganty

Sarah Ganty has been a PhD researcher at the Centre for European law and the Perelman Center of Legal Philosophy (Faculty of law) of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) since October 2013. Her research deals with civic integration policies Lire plus

Louise Fromont

Since October 2015, Louise Fromont has been a PhD research fellow (F.R.S.-F.N.R.S.) at the European Centre for Law and at the Perelman Centre of Legal Philosophy of the ULB. Her PhD research benefits from the support of the F.R.S.-F.N.R.S., the Lire plus