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“Ton joli rouge-gorge” – Stage edge of the Equality Law Clinic at Théâtre Varia

29 January  à  19h 30 - 22h 00

9€ à 15€

On Wednesday, January 29th, at the end of the performance “Ton joli rouge-gorge” at the Théâtre Varia, members of the Equality Law Clinic will exchange with the team of the show and with the audience on issues related to the gender theme and its legal implications. The discussion will be in French.

Looking forward to seeing you there and sharing this moment with you.

“A few steps away, the Colour Revolution took place, the binarity of genders no longer exists, and a small group of teenagers is hiding in the forest. Dom, Béné, Jules, Mich have had to flee society because they are afflicted with a mysterious evil. But they are not alone in the forest. There is Braun, the robot that accompanies them, and other creatures that manifest themselves…”



Date :
29 January
Heure :
19h 30 - 22h 00
Prix :
9€ à 15€
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