Equality Law Clinic

An Equality Law Clinic (ELC) has been inaugurated on 14 October 2014. This first in a University of the French Community of Belgium is a joint project between the Centre for European Law and the Perelman Centre of Legal Philosophy (Faculty of Law, ULB). The ELC was set up by Professors Emmanuelle Bribosia and Isabelle Rorive as part of the PAI project entitled “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective”. Every year it enables the selected students to deepen their practical knowledge about transnational issues regarding equality and non-discrimination law, in close cooperation with practitioners and NGOs that are active in these fields. In order to combine the theoretical and practical aspects, the ELC favours a crossdisciplinary approach that anchors legal problems in their socio-economic context. The aim is both to give students a unique university experience and to make a concrete contribution to promoting equality and justice. The working languages of the clinic are French and English.


The students follow a general module and a specific module which include classes, seminars and conferences given by academics and practitioners engaged in human rights and non-discrimination law. At the end of the research internship, students have to produce an original contribution to support the affected individuals as well as partner organisations, be they local or global. The nature of this contribution depends on the case being dealt with and is defined together with the actors on the ground: third party intervention before a jurisdiction or a regional or international body, a guide for practitioners, code of conduct, thematic report etc.


The four fields of the ELC research are as follows:

  • Immigration and asylum law
  • Reproductive justice and abortion rights
  • Transgender rights
  • Disability rights




Emmanuelle Bribosia is a full time Professor in European law and human rights at the ULB (Institute for European Studies and Faculty of Law). She coordinates the LL.M. in European law and supervises the research of the ULB’s Centre for European Law. She and Professor Isabelle Rorive (ULB) are legal experts for Belgium within the European network for non-discrimination and she is a cofounder of the ULB’s Equality Law Clinic.

Isabelle Rorive is a Professor in the Faculty of Law of the ULB and Director of the Perelman Centre of Legal Philosophy. She teaches comparative law, the law on non-discrimination and legal methodology. Her research covers the development of equality law, for which she uses a comparative and interdisciplinary approach.


Research coordinators


Ana-Maria Corrêa and Joséphine Woronoff joined the clinic in September 2016 as research coordinators. Ana-Maria is a PhD student at the Perelman Centre and is particularly interested in the theory of law, in constitutional law and human rights. Joséphine is also a PhD student at the Perelman Centre.