Environmental justice and public participation: law matters

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Environmental justice and public participation: law matters

25 novembre 2022  à  17h 00 - 18h 00

The guest lecture

In this lecture, professor Maria Lee will explore various dimensions of environmental and ecological justice, and the ways in which legally protected rights to participate in environmental decision-making support those striving for environmental justice. Maria will argue that the ways in which environmental justice draws attention to marginalised human voices help us to think critically about both the limitations and the potential of law on public participation. Law matters, taking us beyond the goodwill of those with power.

About the speaker

Maria Lee is a professor of law at University College London and co-director of the UCL Centre for Law and the Environment. She teaches environmental and tort law, and has published extensively on the ways in which law shapes decision-making on environmental matters and in areas of high technical or technological complexity. Her recent publications include Carolyn Abbot and Maria Lee, Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise: Shaping the Brexit Process (UCL Press, 2022) and Chiara Armeni and Maria Lee, ‘Participation in a Time of Climate Crisis’ (2021) 48 JoLS 549.

EUqualis series of lectures

Professor Lee’s visit is part of a series of guest lectures organised in the framework of the EUqualis Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH) hosted by the IEE. Professor Lee is a guest of Prof. Chiara Armeni (Centre for European Law, IEE).

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Date :
25 novembre 2022
Heure :
17h 00 - 18h 00
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