Chloé Brière et Areg Navasartian’s new paper : « Lex generalis and the primacy of EU law as a source of the EU’s duty to respect human rights abroad : lessons learned from the case-law of the CJEU »

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Chloé Brière (EU Law Professor and F.R.S.-FNRS postdoctoral researcher at the CDE) and Areg Navasartian (researcher and teaching assistant at the CDE) presented in December 2019 their paper « Lex generalis and the Primacy of EU Law as a Source of the EU’s Duty to Respect Human Rights Abroad : Lessons Learned from the Case-Law of the CJEU« , in the framework of the Conference EU Trade Agreements and the Duty to Respect Human Rights Abroad, jointly organised by Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) and ESIL at the T.M.C. Asser Institute in The Hague.

In their paper, now published in the CLEER Papers series 2020/1, the authors explore the different avenues and methods the CJEU has mobilised in order to ensure the respect of fundamental rights in the EU’s external relations.